Welcome to Bblog Central! This is the official website of #bblog, the Twitter chat for and by book bloggers. This chat is the ultimate stop for book bloggers wanting to have dialogue with each other. It is also the place for bookstores, publishers, publicists, authors, and other book industry professionals to join in on conversation with book bloggers.

Did you know that book bloggers are the fastest growing form of publicity for books and authors? They bring trusted, non-paid, honest reviews to their reading public and are able to reach infinitely more people than in-person author tours alone. This is why it is important to have an avenue of communication. We are a growing profession that needs a home base. Bblog Central is that place.

In the summer of 2010 #bblog was passed from it’s founders to Pam (Bookalicious), who tapped Wallace (Unputdownables) to join her in hosting. Pam and Wallace are looking forward to holding up the tradition of #bblog as well as growing it and expanding the site as the ultimate resource for book bloggers and those who are interested in networking with them. Here you will find the upcoming schedule of chats, transcripts of the latest conversations, and a myriad of other resources (coming soon).

Glad to have you here,
Pam and Wallace

Founders of #bblog:
3R’s Blog
He Followed Me Home
Michelle’s Masterful Musings
My Friend Amy


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