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27 Jan

Bitter Gertrude

My theatre company is in heavy season planning mode, so I’ve recently read dozens of new plays. I’m always reading new plays, but this time of year, I’m reading a lot of plays, all day long. We’re making an effort to find more plays by women playwrights. We get between 300-400 unsolicited submissions each year, as well as submissions from agents and theatre professionals (playwrights, other ADs or LMs). 75% of those plays are by men, without fail. Unsurprisingly, 75% of the plays we’ve done over our 17 seasons have been by men. So we’re making an extra effort to find women playwrights and ask them to submit.

My company does new plays by “emerging” playwrights (I understand the controversy around that term, but this post isn’t about that, so let’s move on), so I’m reading unpublished plays, many (if not most) by early career, relatively inexperienced playwrights. I noticed…

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Book Bloggers Need a Time to Talk

3 Jun

The book blogosphere is a vibrant growing place and our numbers are added to daily.  With the growing visibility of book bloggers in the publishing industry and the continued desire to simply be the best we can be,  issues consistently come up.  Sometimes we hash them out on Twitter spontaneously but not everyone is around.  Bblog (#bblog) will give us a chance to have scheduled chats about issues that are important to book bloggers.

#Bblog will take place every other week and will have alternating hosts.  The schedule will be updated regularly and you can sign up to host a chat yourself!